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vegan brioche with almond ricotta

Vegan brioche toast with almond & wild foraged herbs ‘ricotta’ and caramelised leeks

About the vegan brioche In this vegan brioche (vrioche?), I substitute the eggs for banana and the butter for olive oil. The result is crispy on the outside and fluffy, almost cake-like on the inside. Just the way you want a brioche to be. For this recipe, the banana should not be too ripe, the […]

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vegan Daube de "boeuf" à la provencale

Vegan Daube de “boeuf” à la provençale

Originating from the sunny Provence region, daube de boeuf à la provençale is a traditional stew that has evolved from humble peasant fare to a celebrated dish synonymous with southern French gastronomy. The dish gets its name from the pan it was originally prepared in: the daubière, a deep, round or oval piece of earthenware used for braising. This equally

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vegan invisible cake

Invisible Cake

The French “gâteau invisible”, also called “invisible cake”, is a unique and delicious dessert or sweet treat from French cuisine. Gâteau invisible is a delicious treat, and healthy too as it is packed with fruit. And even more so for our low fat plant-based version. Where does the name Invisible Cake come from? This cake

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Elderflower syrup

Elderflower syrup: a fresh-floral & sizzlingly sweet spring drink! Yaa, elderflower, that makes us very happy. Our chef has wonderful childhood memories of it: his mother tried out all kinds of food and a highlight of his childhood memories are the crêpes with elderflower syrup. The great thing about elderflower syrup is that you can

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pangrattato in a jar


Pangrattato Pangrattato is an Italian breadcrumb topping that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is made by toasting breadcrumbs in olive oil with seasonings, and is often used as a crunchy topping for pasta dishes, roasted vegetables, or soups. The name “pangrattato” means “grated bread” in Italian, and it has its roots in

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