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vegan bakken, strawberrie pie cut

Strawberry-rhubarb pie

Thinking of Spring…. I see strawberries and rhubarb, growing together on the lowlands. Clouds of infinite white whipped cream, crumb and cake mingle in great harmony, in all kitchens the newly born spring is beloved and relished. (Very freely interpreted after Dutch poet and writer H. Marsman). Strawberry-rhubarb pie Strawberries and rhubarb, they might be …

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Savoury vegan babka

Savoury pesto babka

What’s not to love on savoury babka? Maybe you already tried some babka but you’re not into all that sweetness? We have something you’ll love: Savoury pesto babka. It’s soft and tender, but also tastie, actually it has a lot on focaccia but it just looks better. We’ve already written an extensive article on babka, …

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marinating tofu

Tofu marinade

Marinating tofu When marinating your tofu with this tofu marinade, the flavours penetrate below the surface of the tofu. This way, you do not only have flavour on the outside, but also on the inside, which is extra tasty. In this marinade, in addition to flavourings, you also dissolve salt. We call this a wet …

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silken tofu with peanut dressing

Silken tofu with spicy peanut-soy dressing, crispy ginger, lime leaf and cilantro

How to make tofu tasty How to make tofu tasty seems to be a question a lot of people struggle with. When switching to a (more) plant-based lifestyle, tofu seems unavoidable. However, the taste (or lack thereof) of tofu often takes some getting used to for the newcomer. From a culinary point of view, the …

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vegan banana walnut muffins

Vegan banana walnut muffins

Do you also like vegan banana walnut muffins as we do? Here you get the best recipe. Good vegan banana walnut muffins are not at all difficult to make. The trick is the right texture! Use a combination of bakingsoda and bakingpowder for the best result. Air in vegan pastries is indispensable for the right …

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