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What is better than home-baked (pita) bread?

When it comes to answering that question, I hesitate between nothing and very little. What about you? In any case, homemade bread becomes totally unbeatable if you serve it with all kinds of goodies: humus, olive oil, salad, roasted aubergine, you name it. So consider this recipe as a basic one. But just baked fresh from the pan, you don’t need to add anything. Well, a drop of olive oil and some salt perhaps. Or fresh humus. Or just try them with our freshly baked falafels.

The trick we discovered for really successful pita bread at home (where the inside is hollow because of puffing up) is the combination of a dry hot pan and the grill of your oven. I was recently in a shop that bakes fresh pita bread and the cooks there use a pizza oven. A pizza oven is super hot, has good top heat and you bake directly on the hot floor. You can mimic this at home by throwing your pita dough into a dry, hot pan and then putting it, pan and all, into the oven, right under the grill, which you have already heated up well.

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