What are Bapoa? Bapoa or Bakpau are steamed and filled rolls from Indonesian cuisine. They are related to the perhaps better known Bao or Baozi from Chinese cuisine. Traditionally, they are filled with spiced minced meat and the finesse and intensity of the filling is one of the two determining factors in a successful Bapoa.

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Maillard reactions

Have you ever wondered why you fry onions or carrots for a dish? Why do you have to leave a stock to simmer for so long? Or why vegetables become tastier when roasted? Because it gives flavour! And colour too. In your pans, all sorts of chemical reactions take place that create new flavours. They

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The most important part is the crust. The breadcrumb coating around the salpicon must prevent the croquette from bursting in the fryer. A smooth surface of the ragout is the best start for a firm breadcrumb coat. 1 The breadcrumb coating consists of three parts: A layer of fine breadcrumbs or flour. This provides a

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Dough, cake & batter

Now that we understand the function of the main ingredients in pastry (Lesson 2: The big five of baking) and what we can add to improve the texture of vegan pastry (Lesson 3: Important ingredients), let’s practice. In this lesson, we explore the basics of most pastries: dough or batter. We cover (from solid to

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