What is the Vegan Academy?

The Vegan Academy offers workshops, masterclasses & online courses for anyone who wants to know more about plant-based cooking. Workshop tickets can be purchased via the workshops page, online courses via the online course page. The Vegan Academy also develops new plant-based foods in collaboration with producers and manufacturers. More information on this? Look at our page on product development and advice.

Can I gift a course or a workshop as a present?

Sure, you can give courses and workshops as a gift! Use this link that will take you to the ticketshop that we use to sell our tickets and giftcards. You can buy a gift card for any desired amount of value that you would like to gift. Directly send the gift card to the desired recipient per e-mail or you might send it yo yourself if you would like to print the gift card and hand it over personally. With the gift card code provided the beneficiary can buy any workshop or online course from the Vegan Academy.   

How much does it cost?

Membership is free. As a member you get access to our free vegan snacks course and 10 free recipes from our database. So you can get to know the Academy. Enthusiastic? Buy one of our courses and explore the world of vegan cooking.

How can I subscribe?

You become a member by signing up using this link. Fill in the details and you will receive a confirmation email with a password. From that moment you can log in with your email address and password.

How can I unsubscribe?

The free membership can be cancelled at any time. Just unsubscribe from the newsletter you will receive monthly.

What’s included?

You need the free membership to access the Vegan Academy. Only as a member you can buy and take courses. As a free member, you get one course and 10 recipes for free.

Who are our courses for?

Our online courses are for anyone who wants to learn more about plant-based cooking. Such as professionals – chefs, caterers, recipe writers, food bloggers – who want to learn how to cook vegan better, as well a hobby cooks and home bakers who want to expand their repertoire with vegan recipes.

What does a course look like?

Our courses consist of videos, recipes and background information. In the videos we give a lot of information about products, processes and techniques and you see how to prepare the dishes. The recipes for the dishes are easy to print and the weights and measures can be converted from metric to US customary at the push of a button. The number of people per recipe is also easy to adjust. You will find additional background information in the course texts and as pdf attachments to the course material.

The courses are divided into lessons and each lesson covers a specific topic. You go through the course step by step. You can see exactly which part you have already done and which lessons you still have to do. Watch the video below to see how our courses work.

On which devices can I take the course?

That’s very easy: on all devices. Via your smartphone, computer, Apple TV and streaming media players you can be inspired by everything the Vegan Academy has to offer.

What language are the courses in?

All courses are available both in English and Dutch, once you buy a course you have to attend to it in that language. All videos are spoken in English and have English and Dutch subtitles. You can turn the subtitles on and off (see also the video above). You can choose a language by clicking on the cc icon at the bottom right of the video screen.

Can I change the language of the website?

Yes, you can. The website is available in English and in Dutch. You can change the language flag in the upper right corner of our website. Important to know however, you can only attend to a course in the language that you bought it in. If you buy one of our courses when in the English part of this site, you can only attend to the course in Dutch.

How long is my membership valid?

You determine the duration of your membership yourself. You can cancel your free membership at any time. See also: How can I unsubscribe?

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