Croquettes & Bitterballs

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How to make perfect, tasty croquettes & bitterballs? The croquette has made a journey from a refined and delicious starter served in posh French restaurants around the 1900s, to an industrialized product with a bland taste. Now we bring you the revival of this tasty snack. In this course you’ll learn how to make delicious vegan croquettes from scratch with various fillings. You’ll also learn how to make the famous Dutch bitterballs, which are actually small & round croquettes, and the well-loved Italian risotto croquettes. You’ll learn how to prepare the salpicon, which is a thick ragoĆ»t that is at the base of these snacks. Then we explain shaping, breading and frying. You also learn how to make this recipe work for the air fryer and we provide you with the exact preparation times for frying so that you always have perfect croquettes that do not burst open. Finally, we have a handy video in which the whole process is demonstrated in easy to follow steps. “

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