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Learn to become a vegan baking pro with this Vegan Pastry Masterclass. This course focuses on the key ingredients in baking, the so called “Big Five of Baking”. By understanding their properties and functions you will improve your baking skills. With this knowledge you will also learn how to to adapt classic pastry to vegan, and how to create your own new recipes. Next to the Big Five you will learn an important lesson on specialty ingredients for vegan baking, you will learn how to make a classic Lemon meringue pie, a and you will get 30+ well tested recipes. You will learn all steps within the recipes with instructional video’s. You’ll also have an experienced vegan chef at your disposal during the course: Joris Schildknecht, head chef & founder of Vegan Academy! If needed, he will answer all of your questions regarding the techniques and recipes presented in this master class.

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