Invisible Cake

De Franse “gâteau invisible”, ook wel “invisible cake” genoemd, is een uniek en verrukkelijk dessert of zoet tussendoortje uit de Franse keuken. Gâteau invisible is een heerlijke traktatie, en nog gezond ook want het zit bomvol fruit. En voor onze plantaardige variant met minder vet geldt dat nog des te meer.  Waar komt de naam […]

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Elderflower syrup

Elderflower syrup: a fresh-floral & sizzlingly sweet spring drink! Yaa, elderflower, that makes us very happy. Our chef has wonderful childhood memories of it: his mother tried out all kinds of food and a highlight of his childhood memories are the crêpes with elderflower syrup. The great thing about elderflower syrup is that you can

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Orange & Mango No-Cheesecake

Surprise yourself with this delicious plant-based Orange & Mango No-Cheesecake A really tasty cheesecake can seem a bit of an impossible task for a plant-based baker. Or very complicated with hard-to-source ingredients. This Orange & Mango No-Cheesecake proves otherwise: with just straightforward ingredients and 20 minutes of work (minus the baking time), you put this

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vegan bakken, strawberrie pie cut

Strawberry-rhubarb pie

Thinking of Spring…. I see strawberries and rhubarb, growing together on the lowlands. Clouds of infinite white whipped cream, crumb and cake mingle in great harmony, in all kitchens the newly born spring is beloved and relished. (Very freely interpreted after famous Dutch poem “Memories of Holland” by H. Marsman). Strawberry-rhubarb pie Strawberries and rhubarb,

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Savoury vegan babka

Savoury pesto babka

What’s not to love on savoury babka? Maybe you already tried some babka but you’re not into all that sweetness? We have something you’ll love: Savoury pesto babka. It’s soft and tender, but also tastie, actually it has a lot on focaccia but it just looks better. We’ve already written an extensive article on babka,

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