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Welcome to the Vegan Academy

The Vegan Academy offers workshops & courses for anyone who wants to learn more about vegan cooking. Become a better vegan chef with our workshops and courses.


Get better at vegan cooking with our online courses

online vegan cooking course

Masterclass Taste & Texture

It's all about the flavour stupid!

6 reasons to join the vegan academy

  1. You will learn how to veganize existing recipes and create your own vegan recipes

  2. We explain not only how to cook vegan, but also why you do it that way

  3. The two highly experienced teachers have been chefs for over 30 years

  4. You take the courses whenever and wherever you like, on any device

  5. Our in depth courses are interesting for both home cooks and professional (pastry) chefs

  6. You get online support: you can ask questions, share results and ask for advise

What our students say

“I will definitely recommend this course to my friends who are interested in vegan cooking: knowledge is shared, you learn which products and techniques have which effect so you can apply this in other dishes yourself.”


“Very informative and fun set up! Nice team, accessible and you learn surprising things! I am not a vegan or vegetarian myself but I have a lactose intolerance which gave me some nice tips on how to do things differently!”


“Must follow to understand plant-based cooking. You get to know new ingredients and cooking techniques , so you can enjoy cooking yourself in a new way.”


“Instructive, clear videos and instructions, possibility to make and hand in ‘homework’. Joris and Eke are very enthusiastic.”


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The vegan academy chefs

Meet the teachers and recipe developers at the Vegan Academy

Joris Schildknecht

Joris Schildknecht

Joris is founder and owner of the Vegan Academy. Besides creating full bodied flavors for your savory cuisine he is serious about making delicious vegan pastries. He will help you become an expert in vegan cuisine & pastry.

Monneke Peters

Monneke Peters

Well-written recipes are an art form in themselves. The recipe has to be delicious, of course, but also attractively written and easy to understand. Monneke is just a whiz at making delicious dishes and puts them into clear recipes for you.

How it works

Videos, background information and recipes

Our courses consist of videos, background information and recipes. In the videos we give information about products, processes and techniques and how to prepare the dishes. You can download the background information and the recipes.

For professionals and home cooks

The courses are suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about plant-based cooking. Such as professionals - chefs, caterers, food bloggers -, but also for hobby cooks who want to expand their repertoire.


Register by filling in your details. You will receive a confirmation email. Then you can log in with your email address and password.

In English and in Dutch

The website is available in English and in Dutch. You can change the language of the website at the little flag in the upper right corner. The videos are spoken in English and have subtitles in English and in Dutch. You can turn the subtitles on and off.

The costs

When you sign up with the Vegan Academy, you get 1 free trial course. You also get access to 10 recipes from our recipe database. Enthusiastic? Then take a look at our course offer and buy a course.

On any device

You can take the courses on all devices. Via your smartphone, computer, Apple TV and streaming media players you can be inspired by all that the Vegan Academy has to offer.

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