Workshop Vegan Streetfood


Workshop Vegan Streetfood. Learn to make five delicious and authentic street food dishes: Falafel, Bapoa, Banh Mi, Tofu satay and Lahmacun. Authentic and tasty recipes you will learn to prepare under the guidance of our chef.


Workshop Vegan Streetfood

Do you like street food as much as we do? In this workshop Vegan Streetfood, you will learn to make 5 favourite streetfood dishes. These are not just any old recipes. We first studied the authentic preparation of each dish. Then we started experimenting in order to develop the right vegan version of each recipe. At the Vegan Academy, it is a requirement that the vegan version of a recipe is at least as tasty as the authentic original. With these street food dishes, we have certainly succeeded. The food is often even tastier!

During the workshop, you will learn the tricks of the trade. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned how these street food dishes are made and you can easily make them at home for your friends and family.

What kind of street food dishes will you learn to prepare during this workshop?

  • The one and only falafel, including pita bread, techina sauce, Israeli salad and a green spicy sauce
  • Indonesian Bapoa (stuffed and steamed buns)
  • Tofu Sateh with a superior peanut dressing
  • Vietnamese Banh Mi (pistolet filled with pâté, sweet and sour vegetables, herbs and sauce)
  • Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun)

Will you surprise your friends or guests with your own street food stand or food truck after this course? With the recipes from this Vegan Streetfood course, it will certainly be a success! During the course, you will be assisted by the chef of the Vegan Academy.

We will conclude with a meal/tasting of the dishes we have made and of course, we will serve something tasty to go with it. Afterwards, you can take the recipes home with you, so that you can also enjoy what you have learned at home.



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