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All of our courses consist of explaining video’s, text, recipe’s and recipe video’s. You will find examples of all of these in this free lesson. All videos are English spoken and have Dutch & English subtitles. Why Dutch next to English, you may ask? That’s just because we’re based in The Netherlands, and we also like to reach out to an international audience to spread the love for top quality plant-based food.

Big Five of baking

As a vegan or vegan chef, you may get desperate when you want to start baking cakes, cookies or pies. All your familiar recipes are full of animal products. How will you manage without butter and eggs? Fortunately, it turns out that there is a huge amount of plant-based ingredients that you can use to make all kinds of delicious baked goods and desserts. You just have to get to know how to use them to your advantage.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Big Five of Baking.

Before we tell you how to omit or substitute eggs, butter, milk, cream, etc., we’ll explain the main ingredients in baked goods and their function. These are the Big Five of Baking: 1. flour, 2. sugar, 3. egg (substitutes), 4. fat (and oil) and 5. moisture. Knowing these ingredients will give you more control over the baking process and you know what to do when you omit an ingredient or want to replace it.

Builder or breaker?

Every successful bake is a combination of structure building and structure breaking ingredients. The result of a successful recipe is e.g. soft and creamy, brittle, chewy or super crispy (or a combination of these properties). The combination of the five most important ingredients, the Big Five of Baking, and their influence on each other determine the final result. In discussing each of these five ingredients, the main question is whether it has structure building or structure breaking properties, or whether the ingredient has a combination of those properties. This knowledge will help you bake better and it will make it easier to create your own recipes.

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Did you find this topic interesting? In the actual Masterclass Vegan Pastry, we’ll dive deep in to each one of the Big Five. We provide you with helpful info, so you can fully understand the functioning of each of the Big Five within your recipes. 

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Example of a recipe video: Silken tofu Chocolate mousse

Example recipe: Orange-ginger cookie

Orange-ginger cookie
A surprising and spicy cookie!
Check out this recipe
A lovely orange-ginger cookie

Overview of all recipes in this course

How to navigate this course

Finally, at the end of this free sample course we would like to show you how this course is set up and how to browse through it.


The course is made up of 5 different lessons, and each lesson consists of several topics. After a short introduction to vegan cooking, we’ll take you through the Big Five of baking. After this lesson you will understand how each of the main ingredients works in your bakes. This is followed by the lesson Important ingredients in vegan pastry. Starting with the lesson Dough, cake and batter, we’ll actually bake. In the lesson Showstoppers you’ll find the Lemon-Meringue Pie and the Death by Chocolate Cake. In these two recipes, all the knowledge and insights from the previous lessons are integrated. An overview of all the recipes in this course can be found on the course page and in the lesson Overview of all recipes in this course. You will get the best baking results when you start baking after watching a related lesson, but if you are eager to get into the kitchen right now, we welcome that.

Course navigation

Each lesson covers a number of topics. The topics are explained in video and text and have a link to one or more recipes. In the left navigation menu, you can always see where you’re at in the course and which lessons and topics you’ve already done. Also have a look at the demonstration video below to learn how to use this course. As a participant in our courses you get access to our culinary support desk. You can ask questions about the course, the recipes and your results with our recipes to If you include pictures of your baking results, our chef can help you to solve any problems you might encounter with your baking results.

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Joris Schildknecht, head chef Vegan Academy

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