Vegan Sushi, plant-based sushi with tofu, tomato courgette and leafy greens

Workshop Vegan Sushi

Do you like sushi as much as we do, but also a tad disappointed with the few (and bland) vegan options that traditional sushi restaurants offer? In this workshop Vegan Sushi we’ll dive into the realm of plant-based sushi. You will discover there’s more than plenty possibilities for healthy and tasty vegan sushi.

During the workshop Vegan Sushi, you will learn the tricks of the trade. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned how tasty and good looking vegan sushi is made, and you can now easily make them at home for your friends and family.

Basics of Vegan Sushi

Of course we’ll start with the basics: (the right kind of) rice, cooking your rice and how to properly season the rice. We’ll take a look at accompanying condiments like shiso, pickled rettich, pickled ginger, gomasio and more. Then we’ll start preparing & slicing the different fillings. When we are set with the rice and the fillings we’ll start preparing the sushi: our chef will give a demo and off we go. After rolling and filling it’s time to start slicing our sushi and begin plating them into some spectacular platters. The best part is yet to come: we will sit down together and enjoy our lovely sushi together with a lovely drink such as a Japanese green tea, white wine, Sake or some other nice drink of your liking.

What type’s of sushi will you learn to prepare during this workshop?

  • Inside out Vegan California roll
  • Crispy ‘n spicy avocado roll
  • Temaki (handroll) with leafy greens
  • Hosomaki roll with spinach, umeboshi and hazelnuts
  • seaweed gunkan sushi with tomato “caviar”
  • Ngiri sushi with glazed eggplant
  • Ngiri sushi with shiitake
  • Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun)

During this course you will be assisted by the chef of the Vegan Academy, who learned to make his first plant-based sushi 30 years ago.

Does this make your mouth water?

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We will conclude with a meal/tasting of the dishes we have made and of course, we will serve something tasty to go with it. Afterwards, you can take the recipes home with you, so that you can also enjoy what you have learned at home.

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May 14 2023


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