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Workshop Vegan Italian Classics

Do you love Italian cuisine but find it a challenge how to make those delicious classics vegan? Then this Vegan Italian Classics workshop run by the Vegan Academy is for you.

Italian cuisine is internationally known for its delicious and healthy dishes, but vegan versions of these dishes can be a challenge. Most of these classics contain meat, fish or dairy. The Vegan Academy has developed fully-fledged vegan versions of some famous Italian classics that taste at least as good as the original. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare these recipes and of course, enjoy eating them.

What recipes are covered in the workshop Vegan Italian Classics?

-how to make fresh pasta
-making ravioli and tri-colored pasta
-lasagne con verdure grigliate
-melanzane parmigiana
-vegan tagliatelle carbonara
-gnocchi di patate
-vegan Tiramisu

After this workshop, you will better understand how to veganize Italian dishes yourself and what methods and alternatives are available.

The workshop is given by Joris Schildknecht, chef and founder of the Vegan Academy.

We finish with a meal/tasting of the dishes we have made and of course we serve something tasty to drink with it. Afterwards you will take the recipes home so that your family, relatives, friends or partner can also enjoy what you have learned. After attending this workshop, you’ll get the chance to join our online course Vegan Italian Classics with a hefty discount. In this online course, you get extra recipes, background information and to view all the demo videos at your convenience. This allows you to make all the material your own.


The event is finished.


May 09 2022


doors open at 17.15
17:30 - 21:00




Amersfoort / Het Lokaal
Amersfoort / Het Lokaal
Oliemolenhof 90, 3812 PB Amersfoort
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