Workshop Vegan Feast

Do you think vegan dishes are boring? Think again with this festive vegan dinner: it is tasty and scrumptious, healthy as well, even though is has a super rich chocolate mousse, semifreddo and orange cookies for dessert. Also, if you are yearning for new ideas, tips and tricks, or want to get more inspired and improve your vegan skills, this workshop is for you! With this workshop you will learn to make some delicious and healthy vegan dishes. The menu is designed to teach you all sorts of interesting techniques that you can apply on a daily basis. For instance you’ll learn how to make chickpea tofu, a delicious creamy curry, creamy polenta with roasted vegetables, a lovely salade with roasted vegetables and lentils and, we’re repeating ourselves here, the best chocolate mousse ever and easy-to-make but oh-so-tasty raspberry ice cream, among other things. Book your ticket right now.

What recipes are covered in the workshop Vegan Feast?

  • Salad of oven-roasted celeriac
  • Toast with scrambled tofu
  • Burmese, or chickpea tofu
  • Tomato chutney
  • Vegetable Korma curry
  • Polenta with roasted vegetables
  • Light chocolate mousse
  • Ginger-orange biscuits
  • Semifreddo of raspberries
  • Aquafaba
  • Vegan mayonnaise

What does the workshop look like?

We go through the menu, divide the tasks and discuss the optimal work order. Then you get to work in couples in the kitchen. After about 2.5 hours of cooking, all the dishes will be ready and we will have our festive dinner. We eat together and enjoy all the dishes that have been made. You can exchange experiences and tips about the prepared dishes with your table mates. You will take the booklet with recipes home after a pleasant and educational evening.

The workshop will be hosted by Joris Schildknecht, head-chef at Vegan Academy.

The event is finished.

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Jun 12 2022


doors open at 13.45
14:00 - 17:30




Nieuwe Hemweg 6-S 1013 BG Amsterdam
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