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Workshop Vegan Baking

Are you a fan of Heel Holland Bakt & The Great British Bake Off like us? In Holland the latest edition was won by a vegan baker, which is pretty awesome, don’t you think? Would you also like to bake vegan like that? This workshop Vegan Baking might be for you. Bake tasty cakes, tarts, pies and cookies without eggs, cream and butter? During this vegan baking workshop you will learn the basics and intricacies of vegan baking. You’ll get an introduction to the five most important ingredients of baking, the so-called “Big Five of Baking”. Then we get to work: getting our hands in the dough and baking away.

During this workshop Vegan Baking you will get a handy overview of different egg replacements that you can make yourself, and we will look at substitutes for cream and butter. We will also cover the use of some specialty special ingredients (like aquafaba & potato protein for meringue and mousse) and how these ingredients can help you to make beautiful vegan baked goods.

What will you make during the workshop:

-lemon cake
-strawberry cream pie
-the ultimate chocolate cake
-romia cookies

Everything you have baked during the workshop you will take home with you, so your family or friends can enjoy it (or you can eat it on the spot, of course).

The event is finished.

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Oct 09 2022


12:00 - 16:00




Nieuwe Hemweg 6-S 1013 BG Amsterdam

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