workshop Vegan Streetfood course

Vegan Street Food

Cooking course Vegan Street Food In this Vegan Street Food cooking course, you will learn the complete recipes for 5 of our favourite street food dishes. We have studied the authentic preparations of these dishes and looked for vegan variations that are as close to the original as possible. With this course, the recipes and …

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online vegan cooking course

Masterclass Taste & Texture

Masterclass Taste & Texture This online vegan Masterclass Taste & Texture teaches you how to become a better vegan chef. By teaching you how our perception of taste works and explaining how to give new flavours and aromas to vegetables and other plant-based products, you will be able to take your vegan dishes to the …

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Vegan Italian Classics Pasta Carbonara

Vegan Italian Classics

Vegan Italian Classics This course contains 18 unique vegan recipes from Italian classics as well as various techniques and ideas for veganising your own favourite recipes. The taste & flavour of these recipes are in no way inferior to those of the original ones. Through clearly written and well-tested recipes and with the support of …

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vegan no cheesecake

Masterclass Vegan Pastry

Masterclass Vegan Pastry Become a vegan baking pro with this Masterclass Vegan Pastry. This course focuses on the key ingredients in baking, the so called “Big Five of Baking”. By understanding their properties and functions it becomes much easier to adapt classic pastry to vegan but also to create your own new recipes. Next to …

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